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Embarking on a transformative journey through the chapters of my life, I share with you the poignant narrative of a Brazilian dreamer who found solace and purpose amidst life's challenges. As the youngest of three brothers, my odyssey led me from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil to the serene embrace of Calgary in 2008. Leaving behind a promising Marketing and Advertising course, I sold my only tangible asset, an apartment, to pursue an intangible yet compelling faith that whispered promises of tranquility to my rebellious heart.

My early years were marked by a sense of otherness, a uniqueness that manifested as a challenging yet precocious spirit. In the 80s, I was the enigmatic child, grappling with unexplainable emotions, insomnia, and an unspoken pain in my soul. By the age of 4 or 5, I already sensed my divergence, embracing a fluidity that subjected me to years of abuse and bullying in the confines of a Catholic school.

The year 1991 etched a defining moment in my narrative when, on the cusp of turning 10, my mother vanished from our lives, succumbing to a relentless battle with cancer. Left in the care of my valiant father, my brothers, and me, I navigated the labyrinth of abandonment, feeling the sting of rejection and the weight of an unconventional personality and identity.

The turbulence of my youth culminated in my first encounter with depression at 18, a dark period where the desire to escape life's trials loomed heavily. Yet, in the depths of despair, I discovered solace in spiritual knowledge, detaching from material existence and realizing a purpose within my journey.

Calgary became the canvas for my redemption and self-discovery. Amidst incredible experiences, I earned a degree in graphic design, delved into the realms of Reiki, and faced the shadows of addiction. The nadir of a panic attack in 2014 thrust me into a profound depression, leading to a metamorphic rebirth. Through self-forgiveness and spiritual courses, I ascended from rock bottom, renouncing substance abuse and commencing a transformative internal healing process.

Dreams of entrepreneurship fuelled my aspirations, and despite setbacks, I persevered. The birth of ēnnerness Next Level of Wellness in 2021, amidst a global pandemic, stands as a testament to my unwavering dedication. Balancing a full-time job with the responsibilities of steering ēnnerness and the ēSpa, I pour love into every aspect, from formulating products to crafting our digital presence.

My mission extends beyond crafting natural cosmetics; it is a journey to inspire hope, healing, and spirituality through self-care. I invite you to join me on this odyssey of self-discovery and holistic well-being, where we create a space to discuss the transformative power of spirituality and self-care openly.

Are you ready to ascend to the next level with me?


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